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For 10 years, ZUU has been enriching the lives of individuals & communities – physically, mentally & socially. We are the World’s leader in High Intensity, Low Impact Bodyweight Training.

The World’s most respected educator in Human Movement, ZUU is a registered bodyweight training modality created by Nathan Helberg that started in elite sports and armed forces. Over the years, ZUU has become an integral part of these sectors being used for pre-season training, game specific conditioning, rehabilitation, confined space training, remote location training and frontline troop training where equipment is unavailable or unaccessible.

Besides being available for ALL sporting code coaches and military PTI’s, ZUU has became available to the commercial world of fitness. With our heritage in the elite world where ALL training is scrutinised, we pride ourselves on increasing performance across the board.
Through our education platform we are teaching PT’s all over the world, either face to face or online, the value add of movements and programming found inside the space of ZUU




Learn the 16 ZUU Foundational Movements


Elite Coaching For The Optimal Creation Of Group Dynamics


The ZUU Mobility Drills To Develop Mobility


Client Assessment Tools To Maximise Leads & Retention


Understand The ZUU Formula For Successful Bootcamps


BONUS: High Level Secrets For Communication & Culture

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Client Testimonials

“I participated in on of the ZUU bodyweight trainings a the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Las Vegas. Having been at the National Academy of Sports Medicine USA since 2011, I have come across many fitness trends, but as the trainer started, I knew I was experiencing something extraordinary! In my opinion ZUU should be in every fitness professionals portfolio.” NATHAN HYLAND

National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA

“15 years of training as Australia’s elite 100 metre record holder it didn’t prepare me for the dreaded ZUU Silver Coup D’état which is 2 hours of non stop exercise of ZUU movements in 32 degrees. While ego, pride and determination pushed me through the first few sets, getting through the next hour and a half of physical exhaustion, mental anguish and self doubt, I needed to break free the chains and let others help me believe. ZUU teaches that to lead you have to serve.”


Australian Olympian

“ZUU offers so many different varieties for my programming, whether it be top up conditioning, rehab, prehab, mobility etc…. It is also a terrific concept for building team culture something I have witnessed throughout my career as a strength and conditioning coach at elite sports and as a Former Physical Training instructor in the Army in a Special Forces unit….”

“It’s the most versatile and effective style of training I have come across in my career.”

Ricky Dumigan

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Ricoh Black Rams - Japan Rugby Union


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